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This is a sampling of some of current client websites:

Kingston SDA ChurchKingston SDA Church
The Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
The user-friendly, yet powerful, website thumbnail generator, written in PHP
The premiere audio/video metadata analysis library for PHP.
Richmond SDA ChurchRichmond SDA Church
The Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Richmond, BC, Canada.
Canada ComputersCanada Computers
Canada Computers (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Sili SoftwareSili Software
Home to high quality open-source PHP software.
VGA Planets.caVGA
VGA Planets (turn-based strategy game) calculator

This is a partial list of sites that have been designed & maintained by

A startup Vancouver clothing company wanted a brochure website showcasing their latest in fashion trends. Features custom graphics and Flash animation. The client summed up his request in two simple words: "hardcore graphics!"
The Super Sandra ShowThe Super Sandra Show
What the world really needs is a super hero that can create the perfect holiday, whip up a gourmet meal using only a bottle of ketchup, make a beautiful flower arrangement from a bunch of weeds or bake delicious muffins using only sunshine. When all else fails, the world needs SUPER SANDRA.
It Is Written (Canada)It Is Written (Canada)
It Is Written is a half-hour internationally syndicated weekly religious telecast. The mission of It Is Written is to spread the Good News about the life, death, resurrection, and soon-coming of Jesus Christ to the entire globe.
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